Powerball (and Powerball Plus) in the Republic of South Africa has changed number format to add 5 more balls to the number-field. It is now a 5/50+1/20 game (previously 5/45 + 1/20). On June 16, 2018, the first drawing under the new format was held. The probability of succeeding the game are up to only in 42,375,200.

We pass through set out to fresh tourney files because this tournament as well as Powerball In addition, which can troth old in addition to Reward Gold furthermore peculiar Clever Fate lottery software . The old competition files will no longer be updated . If you intention favorites in Lottery Updater, you will hunger to prefer the fresh sport archive. Our software will work the unchanged as well as the novel files for they finished with the of age archive. You will delicately appetite to pass the time a few months because numerous drawings to produce up in addition to the current format in apply as the average with end of the day predisposition charts to be commendable. Wheel Five Gold will in addition work using any wheel also 50 or fewer amount numbers .

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