Online Scratchcards from The National Lottery © (3)

Online Scratchcards from The National Lottery © (3)

There are still a few tweaks that I need to make with the mic and sound but I’ll get there eventually…
Featuring Online Instant Win Games from The National Lottery © in the UK… I am using Real Money, Playing for Real and BUYING, NOT TRYING!!
What Instant Wins am I going to Buy Today??? Will I Win BIG??? Well, You’ll Need to Watch to Find Out…
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I have found a way to predict the future of all my games on their website. Great so soon i’ll be rich. This is an example and has helped perfect my technique.

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11 thoughts on “Online Scratchcards from The National Lottery © (3)

  1. I emailed the national lottery the other day in relation to online scratch cards. However the answer that I got back from them makes me think that online scratch cards are rigged. I asked this question "You advertise how many prizes are left with the scratch cards in the shops, however you produce no details about the prizes to be won online" The answer that I got back was thus "When we launch an Instant Win Game we can continue to payout prizes in line with the odds that are displayed in the Game Procedure. This is possible as the pool of games is endless and the chances of winning any prize is not limited by people who have already won a prize, which means the odds do not change." The answer to this question too me means that the games are rigged, e.g you cannot have unlimited top prizes there has to be a cut off at some point. If you are going to buy a scratch card, do not think about doing it online.

  2. ALL 'INSTANT WIN' games are pre-determined before you play. You can set your user account to tell you if you've won without even playing the game. There is NO SKILL involved as the game algorithm decides if your a winner as soon as you click 'Buy Now'

    But, your right, it's a HUGE scam… They won't say how many people have EVER won a top prize. (I suspect nobody has) I done a 'Freedom of Information' request to find out the number of past winners/prizes but they wouldn't disclose ANYTHING. SCAM

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