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People enjoy playing the lottery for a number of reasons. It is relatively inexpensive as long as people do not go overboard on the number of tickets they purchase and in addition it is a fun way to engage in activities with coworkers or friends and perhaps even make some money on the side. For those lucky few, the opportunity exists to make a great deal of money. These individuals have the chance to win so much that it will literally change their lives.

No doubt, this is one of the major attributes of playing the lottery and the Florida lottery is certainly no different. People have been playing the Florida Lotto for the past 26 years and during that time Lotto Florida has no doubt seen a lot of changes in the way the game is played. In fact, lottery Florida now looks much like several of the other lotteries that are played across the United States.

Rules of the game

In order to play the Florida lottery people must meet the age requirements for playing lotteries in the United States which is 18 years old. Traditionally people would have been required to be residents of the state of Florida in order to play but with the ability to buy lottery tickets online that is no longer problem. The game follows the same rules as most of the other lotteries, with six numbers between the numbers of one and 53 being chosen for each drawing.

Drawings are held every Wednesday and Saturday. People can win by matching as few as two numbers but the amount is relatively small. The jackpot is won when someone matches all six numbers. This of course means that the payouts are much higher as are the odds of winning. Furthermore, people have the option of playing the same sets of numbers for multiple drawings and they can purchase these drawings well into the future.

XTRA feature

The XTRA feature is much like the bonus number that many lotteries allow people to play. Essentially, it multiplies the winnings of anyone who does not win the jackpot that can match somewhere between two and five numbers. The odds of getting the right extra number in order to win the XTRA feature is one in four and it costs an extra dollar to purchase a ticket with this feature.

Using the XTRA feature is a popular attraction when it comes to the Florida lottery because it gives people an opportunity to win significantly more even if they do not win the jackpot. Because people know that the odds of winning the jackpot are relatively rare, they typically go ahead and pay the extra dollar in order to get a ticket has the XTRA feature so that they can increase their odds of winning more money.


The Florida lottery is operated by the state of Florida and is operated as a parimutuel system. It is set up so that 61% of the money that is gained through ticket purchases goes back into the pool in order to pay for prizes. 30% goes for education within the state of Florida and 5% goes to the retailers. 2% each is designated for vendors and operating expenses.

This is not altogether different from the system of operation that most other lotteries use and it is set up in such a fashion that it allows everyone within the state to benefit in one way or another. For example, the state benefits because it is able to help sponsor better education through the money that is made using the lottery and retailers and vendors benefit because they get a small percentage of the winnings. However, perhaps the biggest beneficiary is the individual in question that purchases a winning ticket.

Using lottery portals

Lottery portals are systems that are set up to allow people to purchase tickets entirely online without having to be there in person in order to buy a ticket. Examples of lottery portals are Congalotto and Thelotter. These portals make it very easy for people to purchase tickets even if they do not live in the state of Florida.

In fact, people have never before had access to purchasing lottery tickets the way they do today. The various lottery portals that currently exist allow people to buy tickets for lotteries all over the world, including the Florida lottery. The entire system is maximized for convenience on the part of the customer and also provides the customer with an experience that they have never been able to have before because they have access to so many different lotteries.

Buying tickets

When it comes to buying tickets online, the Florida lottery is one of the most prevalent lotteries available on the various lottery portals. This is largely because of its overall popularity of people living in the state and the fact that it has been in existence for more than 25 years. Buying tickets online is much like shopping for an item. Customers have to go online to their lottery portal of their choice and then create an account.

This is done in almost exactly the same way that a person would create an account on virtually any other website and requires that the customer provide their name, address and additional contact information. At the same time that the account is created a monetary account is set up on the lottery portal in that person’s name. That individual must then put money into the account in order to pay for ticket purchases. This can be accomplished by using a credit card or debit card, as lottery portals accept all major credit cards.

Making the purchase

After the account has been created and money has been put into the monetary account the customer can then choose the lottery they wish to play and the number of tickets they want to purchase. If the customer wants to buy tickets for the Florida lottery they would merely select that option and then purchase the selected number of tickets. After the tickets have been purchased and paid for an agent then goes and purchases the tickets for the customer regardless of where the customer actually lives. The tickets are then copied and subsequently e-mailed to the customer, and winnings can be collected on behalf of the customer through the lottery portal.

Popularity of the Florida lottery

It is easy to understand why the Florida lottery is so popular. After all, it is a proven system that has been operating steadily within the state for a number of years. Lotteries all over the world are popular because people want that opportunity to win a significant amount of money. The Florida lottery is no different. It is played in almost exactly the same fashion that other lotteries are played, especially those lotteries that are played in the United States.

Collecting winnings

People that are fortunate enough to win a significant amount of money typically deal directly with the Florida lottery in order to collect their winnings. Lottery portals will usually only collect winning on behalf of the customer that are $600 or less. This is often due to regulations that are put forth by lottery commissions. Winnings that are greater than $600 are typically handled directly by the lottery commission that is in question.

People that win have the option of traveling directly to that location in order to claim their winnings in person or they can have the lottery portal send them a form to fill out which allows them to stake a claim on their winnings. The form is then mailed back to the lottery itself and the lottery commission then typically mails a check to the person that holds the winning numbers. A third option is that the lottery portal will often mail the winning ticket to the customer and then allow the customer to contact the lottery commission.

Specialty games

The FLorida lottery has a number of different games that people can play from time to time. Over the period of 26 years that they have been in operation they have changed their games on multiple occasions. Currently, they offer a second chance drawing. This is essentially a way for people to win money on losing tickets. Anyone that has purchased a ticket and did not win is able to place that ticket in the running for the second chance drawing. If that particular ticket is chosen, the individual still has an opportunity to win at least something, although it will naturally not be as significant as if they had won the jackpot.

Helping the state

The FLorida lottery has gone a long way toward helping the state become a better place to live. In fact, the lottery has exclusively provided funds to many of the most important contributions that have existed in the state for a number of years. For example, over $26,000,000,000 has been donated to schools throughout the Florida lottery’s history and over one billion dollars has been accumulated for schools each year for the last 10 years.

In addition, over 780 specialized projects for schools have been constructed completely with funds that have been generated by the Florida lottery. Perhaps even more importantly, there have been approximately 650,000 students that have been able to go to college as a result of scholarships donated to them that are paid for completely by the lottery.

However, the benefits do not exist for education alone. It is estimated that people that go into retailers to purchase lottery tickets often do not stop with lottery ticket purchases and spend additional money in the convenience store. This increased spending means more revenue for the state overall and it means a healthier economy for everyone that lives and works within the state of Florida.

Benefiting everyone involved

As a result of the efforts that have been made on the part of the Florida lottery, everyone essentially has the opportunity to live a better life and get a better education. Spending increased rather dramatically in the state when the lottery was introduced and it has continued to increase since that time.

When all things are considered it is relatively easy to understand why so many people play the lottery. Not only does it give them the opportunity to experience a potentially life changing event, but they also know that when they purchase tickets they are essentially helping the economy of the state at they are benefiting education in a direct way.

The ability to purchase tickets online only increases these benefits because even when a person that does not live within the state buys a ticket online for the Florida lottery, all of the benefits are still going to the state. As a result, these benefits can grow exponentially on a yearly basis.


In closing, the Florida lottery has worked hard to ensure that they have all of their bases covered and that they have figured out the essentials of creating a successful lottery in order to help the state become a better place to live. Thanks in part to the lottery commission in the state, people have an opportunity to attend better schools and thus get a better education.

People also have the opportunity of enjoying a healthier place to live and an opportunity to make more money because the economy is growing very rapidly as a result of the Florida lottery. People who buy tickets online have an opportunity to help with all these causes and simultaneously make money in the process. Furthermore, buying tickets online allows for the ultimate level of convenience because a person never even has to leave their home in order to purchase tickets. It is truly a situation that allows everyone to benefit in one way or another.

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